Mission Winter Aid 4.0 : Struggling family in Istanbul.

Visiting and distributing a box filled with food to a strugling family in Cayirova, Istanbul. This family came from Damascus. Before they lived here, they lived in the besieged area. Even though they weren’t targeted by bombs but their lives were very difficult and they could be arrested at anytime without any reason.

Mrs Zainab, mother of 6 children shared a story that while they were living in the besieged area, the soldiers could come and take all the men in force to join the army. It took several months for her to move in one area to the next area without facing various restrictions before they could free themselves from Syria to acquire protection in Turkey.

And Eventhough they are now far away from the war-torn country, her children is still living in trauma which causes them to fear loud noises. She said she wants to return to Syria because her love for Syria has never faded dispite living a year in Turkey. At the end of the visitation, Ustazah Siti Sakinah, Chairperson Syria Care, presented a donation in a form of food packs on behalf of the Malaysian citizens.

May it will lessen their burden because of the high living cost in Turkey.


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