Humanitarian Mission : Winter Aid – Orphanage Sarkhat Yateem (2) (2016)

Ustazah Siti Sakinah Chairperson of Syria Care and Astro Awani crew Mr. Nazri Kahar and Mr. Sallehin Hussain had the chance to visit and celebrate in an orphanage Markaz Sarkhat Yateem in Yaylada Hatay, Turkey.This small town was located at the border of Latakia. And from there we could see the mountains very clearly. All of these children lost their father caused by the war that was on-going since 6 years ago.

The children performed nasyid and qasidah and the even also held a quiz and a sports activity to give a little joy to restore their spirit that caused their trauma from the lost of their family.

The cake that was decorated with the flags of Malaysia and Syria was cut together with Ustazah Sakinah and Puan Hajar (supervisor of Markhaz Sarkhat Yateem). Every 170 orphaned children that attended was given a a special cake too and Ustazah took the opportunity to serve it personally to the children. Ustazah said, it is for the representative of Malaysia that is loyal in donating for the well being of Syria.

Thank you to all Malaysian citizens that made this all possible.

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