Implementation of Aqiqah in Syria. December 2016.

Aqiqah project in December 2016 have been safely carried out in the Eastern region Ghoutah. List of the implementation Aqiqah on December 2016 are as follows: 1. DAMIA AISYAH BT ROSDI 2. SETH HAIREEN UMAR BIN SHAHRUL FAZLI 3. MUHAMMAD BIN MD YAZID COMMANDER OF WISDOM 4. IRFFAN FIRDAUSZ BIN MD YAZID Alhamdulillah, slaying and distribution of meat to the population was entrusted to an NGO Emaar alsham Humanitarian Association in East Ghoutah.

We thank the parents who participated in the program aqiqah in Syria to ease the burden and provide an opportunity for our brothers and sisters in the East Ghoutah to taste mutton that they have not tasted for a long time.

May Allah accept this aqiqah.

JazakumuLLahu khayran Kathir.

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