Distributing blankets from Malaysia to Syria. (2017)

Winter Aid 4.0 Alhamdulillah. These blankets was bought with the donations from kind hearted and concerned Malaysians for the Syrians that are facing this winter.

These thick blankets was distributed to hundreds of families in Syria for them to face this harsh winter. Imagine, children are smiling while embracing this comfortable blanket from your donations.

We congratulate to the donors and let’s do it again, there is nothing to lose, only a smile, prayer from them and evidence in front of Allah that you have done something for the humanity. Amin.

From Abu Hurairah, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “Those who paved the distress the world of a believer, Allah will relieve him of the distress in the Day of Judgment. Whoever eases someone from having trouble (the debt problems), then Allah Almighty makes it easy for him (of trouble) in the world and the hereafter.”




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