Alhamdulillah, Aqiqah on November has been implemented successfully in Eastern Ghoutah, Syria. Aqiqah for Sofia Syafiqah bt. Zulkefli consists of 1 goats have been completed and the distribution of the meat to the population was given by Al-Sham ki NGO Humanitarian Association in East Ghoutah.

Thanks to Sofia Syafiqah’s  parents for giving their trust to Syria Care to run this service. May Allah accept this aqiqah. JazakumuLLahu khayran Kathir. For your information, aqiqah in Syria opens every month.

✅ways – pay through any bank account Syria Care: CIMB BANK: 8601 89 4560 Maybank: 5621 0665 3575 RHB Bank: 2622 5000 021775 Affin Islamic: 1059 9004 0004 JomPay: Biller Code: 2113 (Ref-Aqiqah) Then ✅ whatsapp payment slip to the number 011 2880 9820 (Firdaus) or email to [email protected] with the following details: 1. your full name 2. Full name for the aqiqah 3. Full house address 4. Email address 5. No Tel #AqiqahDiSyria #letsTOPUPourbankAKHIRAT


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