Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah.

These are some of the image of emergency food aid supply to Refugees in Arsal Camp who seek protection in Idlib which we received it early in the morning. Syria Care are so proud and happy to see them received all of those food aid with a smile upon their faces. 

All of those funds that Syria Care receive are 100% donate by Malaysian who are so care and concern about our brothers and sisters in Syria. 

According to Prophet Muhammad authentic hadith, he said that: “The best among all of you is the one who supplies food”. From Ahmad and Book reference by Al-Albani in Sohihul Jami’ (No. 3318).

For your attention, Emergency Collection for Arsal Camp Refugees in Lebanon has reach its ends on 20 August 2017. 

Thank You so much to all people who willingly provide their donation to Syria Care and we  manage it well to makesure it is safely reach to the needy Syrian in Idlib. 

May your donation count by Allayh SWT. 

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