Syria Care prepares to help victims of the Syrian civil war conflicts expected to begin after September. In preparation, they launched the Winter Aid Campaign 5.0 (BMS 5.0) on September 20, 2017 and its distribution will be made on November.

During the three months of the campaign, they set a target of a collection total RM4 Million to be distributed to war victims in Syria. 

The financial aid will be used to purchase firewood, gas, winter clothing, and heating equipment that will be distributed at locations such as Aleppo, West Idlib, East Idlib, Latakia, East Ghoutah, Homs and Southern Damascus.

A total of 4,600 families will benefit from the donations received which will be distributed to each Syria Care partners in the country.

Finally, Syria Care congratulates Syria media supporters, sponsors and supporters who attended the launch of BMS 5.0.


@Syria Care Projects 

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