✔ Syria Care Humanitarian Mission 5.0

 ✔ Mufti Kilis Visit-Mahmut Karatepe

 ✔ Day-1

 ✔ 24 Oktober 2017 On the first day of mission in Syrian Border, Syria Care’s team organizing an official visit to Mufi Kilis’ Office name Mahmut Karatepe

The people who also joining our visit was Sheikh Abdullah Rahhal and his nephew Hassan Rahhal from NGO Muassasah Al-Ahbab, they are our friendlies in Idlib, Syria. Our team was welcome by Mufti Kilis and his officials.

We have a discussion that mainly talks about the role of both party in assisting Syrian refugees and infact we are agree on the importance self development among Syrian by providing good education needs for the Syrian Youngsters. 

After that, our group members were taken to visit a hostel which is a place for Syrian and Turkish kids shelter. 

They provide basic necessity like food and beverage plus accomodation for age between 10-16 for free. 

The hostel is one of the 46 hostels under the management of Mufti Office in Kilis. 

Every day they went to the closest public school where they  learn religious knowledge, Al-Quran memorization under the supervision of an experienced teacher. 

We are also being taken to visit a kitchen which responsible in preparing a food to 15,000 Syrian refugees eveyrday. 

These kitchen are fully under maintenance of mufti office with contribution of Turks who are concerned about Syrian who are their close nation neighbour. 


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