The Skype app facilitates Syria Care interaction in Malaysia with its co-workers in Syria. Syria Care Chairman, Siti Sakinah Omar with the Orphan Sponsorship Manager, Pn Rohaya Ngah, holds a meeting to discuss the sponsorship of orphans in Syria recently at the Syria Care office located in Shah Alam.

The discussion was also attended by Dr. Husam Sarakbi, currently in Istanbul, Turkey and representatives of Ulfah Human Relief NGO Sheikh Syahir Syaib and Abu Qusai based in Southern Damascus.

So far there are 1,500 orphans in the area and 20% of the total is sponsored by Malaysians via Syria Care.

However, 213 names of orphanages in Syria have yet to wait for sponsorship from Malaysians.

The main purpose of the orphan-sponsored program is to help parents who lose their parents to continue their life by acquiring knowledge as well as all costs for mental and physical rehabilitation due to engagement in war.

For those who are interested in financing the orphans of Syria, please contact Pn Rohaya at +6011 2100 4807.



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