Eastern Ghoutah Emergency Food Aid: 1st Dish Distribution

Alhamdulillah.. Allahu Akbar!
1st aid from Malaysia arrives safely in besieged city of Eastern Ghoutah.

Still remember the skinny kid? 
Click on this link 👉🏼 https://goo.gl/Bq6VXB & https://goo.gl/6VAJFS

Your donation under Bantuan Kecemasan Timur Ghoutah safely distribute to the kids and it helps public kitchen operate to prepare food and give it to the needy who suffer under bad tragedy in Eastern Ghoutah.

Eastern Ghoutah Emergency Aid:
📍 Food Distribution (2 hari)
✏ Date : December 2017
✏ Area : Arbin, Timur Ghoutah
✏ Food : 560 pack
✏ Food receiver : 2240 individuals
✏ Target receiver : Poor family in Eastern Ghoutah
✏ Working NGO: Muassasah Emaar Al Sham

Thank You so much to everyone who involve in making sure our Syria brothers and sisters to receive emergency food aid. Only Allah knows how to repay your good deeds. 


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