December 2017 Maahad Abi Hanifah An Nu’man, Idlib : Students activity in December 2017 

This is the school that fully funded by Malaysian under Syria Care.

They are right now memorizing Al-Quran Version and a few religious subject. SubhanAllah.

What a great reward from Allah for those who contribute for students here to gain knowledge.  

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W. “Dahulu ada dua orang bersaudara ketika zaman Rasulullah S.A.W. Salah seorangnya selalu mendatangi Nabi S.A.W. (untuk menuntut ilmu agama), dan seorang lagi sibuk bekerja, maka yang bekerja ini mengadu tentang saudaranya (yang tidak membantunya bekerja) kepada Nabi S.A.W, Baginda pun bersabda: Boleh jadi engkau diberi rezeki kerana saudaramu itu.” [HR. At-Tirmidzi dari Anas bin Malik R.A.]

This is a December 2017 report shows learning period and they are also going to have an examination coming and the school management will organize a feast for them. 

All of this wouldn’t happen without your continuous support.

Keep on supporting their education fund with #TabungKemanusiaanSyriaCare and #RM20forHumanity which is another three days before our January 2018 shipment take place.  

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