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Project – One Nation : From Selangor To Syria (Food Preparation)

📍 Distribution period : 10 days

📍 The amount of food a day : 1106 pack

📍 Total food for 6 days : 6635 pack

📣 1 pack can be share into 4 person

📍Total food receiver: 26540 orang

The report would be for 6 days of food packaging in Eastern Ghoutah by our NGO partner Emaar AlShaam.

Another four days remaining of Zakat supplied by Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS) worth RM80,000.00.

May Allah bless to everyone who involve in managing the fidyah and food distribution. 

Project – One Nation : From Perak To Syria (Food Preparation)

Distribution Period : 10 hari

Location:Eastern Ghoutah until day Six 

📍The amount of food a day: 1106 pack

📍 Jumlah makanan 6 hari : 6635 pek

📣 1 pack can be share into 4 person

📍 Total food receiver: 26540 person

Syria Care’s Partner: NGO Emaar AlSham.

Another four days remaining of fidyah from Perak Islamic Religion Department and Malay Custom worth RM65,000.00.


Thank you so much to Islamic Religion Department and Perak Malay Custom for the help. 

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