Allahu Akbar!

We are just finished distributing food from our public kitchen in Eastern Ghouta (EG), now we are delivering wheat aid for them

Syria Care and our NGO partner inside EG, NGO Eemarusham bought 6 Ton of wheat base on your immediate donation on March 3rd and now we distribute it to each EG residence who still stuck inside besiege. 

With these flour, about 36k bread can be made. 

Who knows in the recent bad condition of EG, we are still can submit our aid safely and carve a lot of smile upon them. 

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.

Thank you so much to each contributor who help in making these mission success. 

Only Allah can repay your good deed. 


#GandumUntukGhoutah #STOPKILLINGSYRIANS! #SaveGhouta #SyriaCareforhumanity

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